Fashion trends of 2023

StyleSniper is a fashion website and fashion blog. Today we are going to see some trendy and funky fashion. Nowadays there are many fashion trends going on like oversized T-shirts, co-ord sets, Flare Pants, Chikankari kurtis and so on. So let’s see one 2-3 of them and how to style them.

1. Chikankari Kurtis

Chikankari kurtis are basically from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. Chikankari is the handwork of white-on-white embroidery, it was from the past back of the Mughals emperor’s times when women were used to were chikankari kurtis. Chikankari kurtis are of pure cotton and handwork of white embroidery.

Men can style with denim jeans and pyjamas, etc.


Oversized tee is a new Gen-z fashion. Where Gen-z and minimal can style, and can be worn by both women and men. Oversized can be a party wear or casual wear for day-to-day life.

Men can style them with Denim jeans, Under shirts with open buttons, Cargo pants with sneakers,or vests.

Women can style oversized tee with denim jeans, cargo pants, skirts, shorts, or biker shorts.

Oversized tee can more comfortable and can be styled in many different ways. An oversized tee can never go off-style.

Can refer to how to style them on Pinterest.

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